26 March 2015

Hey, Etixx-QuickStep...

Dwars door Vlannderen was yesterday. It was Belgian.

And again, Etixx-Quickstep had a guy in the break. Not just a guy, but the WC Michel Kwiatkowski.
And again...again, they came away with bupkis.
And again...again...again, the team management complained that the other riders in the break didn't ride to their liking.
You think I'm kidding?  Read this from Cyclingnews...
They actually faulted Cannondale's Van Baarle for not chasing.
Hey Etixx-Quickstep...GFY! Seriously!

If the shoe was on the other foot, and they had a guy attack at 1km to go, the EXACT same tactics would have been used.
I guess they expected Van Baarle and the other Topsport rider (whose teammate was up the road) to chase down the attack, and tow Kwiatkowski to the win. Sorry bro, but you're the WC...chase that shit yourself!
Excuse me, Mr. Lefevre, Johnny Cash has something for you...

I've done this a long time. Ridden and raced enough to know how and when to shut down a chase. Not saying I'm a pro-dog DS, nor an expert. Just saying that I know enough to understand that the Etixx-Quickstep boys got WORKED.
Accept it fellas. Admit it. Move on. Attempt to do better.
And PLEASE admit that you're a bunch of whingers. This is NOT the first time they been in at the kill, and come away empty. Nor is it the first time they've pissed and moaned about it afterwards.
First Cav "drops his chain" (again), then they miss the podium (again), then they whinge about it (again).

Might be time to stop having pillow fights...
And start having conversations about the fact that they're the supposed to be the #1 classics team. Museeuw, Ballerini, and Tafi would be ashamed...

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