23 March 2015


The "plan" was to get up early Sunday, knock out a couple of hours before the rain, then get home and watch Milan-San Remo.
Alarm? 6am.
It jangled it's electronic jingle. I stumbled to the front door, opened it to check the WX, only to see that it was raining already.
Nope...can't help you...

I grabbed the blanket, and curled up on the couch for a couple more hours.
And speaking of MSR, here you go...

As Junk said yesterday, I don't think I've ever seen them go up the Cipressa and the Poggio so quickly. And the #fauxperts were, of course, bitching about the fact that it came down to a bunch sprint.
Welcome to Milan-San Remo. You must be new here. Oh, and SHUT UP!
43kmh+ average for 293km. Wrap your head around that for a moment. I don't think the UCI could, as they confiscated about two dozen bikes immediately after the race.
Checking for motors? Sure. Busting dopers? We're working on it...OKAY!

And Cav...poor little cookie boy. Says he dropped his chain off the outside on the Cipressa...which raises questions...
Why were you futzing around with the front mech on the Cipressa?
Is your team mechanic at all capable? Happened to Stybar not long ago as well.
Are your Quarq power unit cranks so shitty, and flexy, that the chain just JUMPS off?
It's okay Cav. We watched the video. You were getting tailed off before your "dropped" your chain...

Better get this problem figured out before the Northern Classics. I hear cobbles can be bumpy...

Can I ask a question? When will the wheel-width-war (WWW) stop? Now companies are tossing out 26 & 27mm wide rims. WHAT?
Vision's new 40mm deep rims look cool...are 26.5mm wide.
Yeah, I know that wider tires (to a point) are faster, and that rim shape can help determine/improve this characteristic, but a 23mm tire will be borderline TOO narrow for a 27mm wide hoop. Kinda like running 18mm tires back in the day. Too much rim, not enough tire.
And a 25mm tire on the same hoop just won't fit some frames.
Hell, I have a set of Williams WS28 wheels. 23mm wide hoops. I run 23mm Vittoria Open Corsas on them. Between the calipers, the tire is nearly 26mm wide. I tried to run 25mm OC SCs on them. They fit, but the clearance isn't enough to make me comfortable banging down a dirt road.
I feel confident in saying a 27mm rim with a 25 or 27mm tire won't even go in the stays of the Noah.
(BTW, if anyone at FSA is reading this, I'd be glad to test a pair of the Metron 40s to see if they fit...)
On my "standard" width (20mm wide) Williams 50mm carbon hoops, I run 25mm wide Vitts. The width and volume are pretty damn close to the same as the 23/23 combo.

Wide rims are good stuff. I'm not arguing that point. My 23mm wide hoops allow me, at 180 pounds, to run 100-105psi. Bigger volume, FTW.
Marketing is now driving the WWW. "Ours is wider, so it's better..."
Well, if it don't fit, it ain't... (that was Southern speak...)

Time for my Whole Foods run...what time does yoga end?

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