17 March 2015

Tech talk

So, on Sunday, there was discussion about 10 speed versus 11 speed, and compatibility.
As we know, on SRAM/Shimano, 10 speed is 10 speed. No issues. No worries. Cassettes and Chains are interchangeable.
The issue is 11 speed here. When SRAM and Shimano went 11 speed, the shape of the cassette body changed on the rear hub. 10 speed cassettes WILL fit on 11 speed hubs, with the correct spacer. (I'm doing this right now. It works.)
Unfortunately, the opposite is not true. 11 speed cassettes do NOT fit on 10 speed wheels. They are too wide. The 130mm rear spacing hasn't changed, but the width of the cassette body has...

Edco just introduced an 11v cassette that will fit on a 10v body. It's available now, through Reynolds Cycling. All at the low price of $230, and only in 11/25.

Here's where things get interesting...
I sent out an email to a couple of guys I know who do this for a living. Here's what they said...

11 speed is 11 speed is 11 speed. Campagnolo, SRAM, and Shimano ALL share the same cassette spacing.
Ergo, as long as a wheel has an 11v cassette on it, it will work with whatever drivetrain you're running. I guess this is why the neutral support guys from Shimano, Mavic, and Vittoria didn't complain too loudly.

It also raises an interesting idea for a work around.

Campagnolo cassette bodies go 9, 10 , OR 11 speed.
As 11=11, one could feasibly dump the 10v cassette body on their existing 10v SRAM/Shimano wheels, install a Campagnolo cassette body, and run an 11v Campag cassette.
Sure, it's not exactly inexpensive, but it's surely less money than rebuilding wheels, or buying new wheels.
Word on the street is that a few smaller teams, both here, and in Europe, are using this very fix.

Food for thought....

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