21 March 2015

Only up...

Man, today was one of those days that the ride only got better as we rolled.
The weather started off quite iffy. Damp, breezy, complete cloud cover. As we went, the clouds pushed out, and it turned into a Chamber of Commerce day.
A nice, easy 90km under wheels.
Feeling better than Tuesday as well, although the stomach is still a little floppy.

And it seems a few people need a primer on custom bikes, especially a certain Ti bike.
Here's a little info on Kent Eriksen...you know, the pre-eminent builder of custom Ti in the US.
Best road bike and TIG welded bike at NAHBS in 2014, and best TIG welded bike again at NAHBS in 2015.
And yes, the tubes are fat and round...not shaped. Builders figured out shaped tubes, other than ovalized/squared, tended to break. Yeah, about 10 years ago....
And a pro-tip for shop employees...
If you don't know what something is, nor any of the theory and technology behind it, keep your mouth shut. Shitting on a customer's bike is stupid, and proves ignorance.
And do NOT tell the customer he needs a fit...on his custom high end frame...that was built TO HIS EXACT FIT.
Same shop told me to stop riding Ridleys, and start riding bikes that don't break. This was said as they were building up a replacement Specialized Tarmac. And as we know, those are the pinnacle of reliability.
And the shop wonders why they've lost customers....
We all know the reason(s)...

Jeep Cherokee Concept. Built on a Wrangler LWB chassis. Hey Jeep...shut up and take my money!!

Milan-San Remo is tomorrow. Should be a good time. All of the big names will be there, and the weatherman in Italy says it's supposed to rain on the back half of the race. Coming off the Poggio, in the rain, should be a hoot.
Last year was wet and cold too...

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