01 July 2012

Now that's a fire!!!

If you watched the news at all, or the sky for that matter, you probably saw something about the fire at the recycling plant in Cayce.  This is what remains after burning for 24 hours. 
 The building burned and collapsed in on all of the assembled plastics that the company had accumulated for recycling.  It allowed the fire to burn unabated for HOURS before the fire department could even get water on it.  I spoke to a couple of the firefighters on my ride yesterday, and they said it could smolder for days....SUPER!
And DHEC, in their finite wisdom, says there's little health risk to air and water, yet the fumes were noxious, foul-smelling and foul tasting.  And the run-off has reached the river already. 
I'm no environmental engineer, but I can tell you that the run-off just isn't good.  That plant has been there for decades, ergo, decades of toxins are now washing into the river.  Fish kill in 3...2...1...

 Look at this picture!  I mean REALLY look!  I think she actually rides!

Big George's special BMC for his 17th and last Tour.  Glad they went all out on the font for "Lucky Seventeen" on the seat tube!

Nice little 2+ hour spin on the CXbike yesterday.  It made a couple of things clear.  I need a break from the road bike (no motivation), and my handling skills have dulled from riding the road so much.  There were a couple of "oh shit" moments in the soft stuff yesterday that wouldn't have been a blip on the radar in the early Spring. 
Did I mention that it was BRUTALLY hot and humid?  84 when I left @ 0845, and 94 when I hit Service Course @ 1115.  40+ ounces of water consumed and still felt swimmy for a couple of hours. 

Not riding today...not riding tomorrow...maybe not riding Tuesday...just need a minute away from the road bike.

Oh, and the Tour started.  You will not see re-caps, or blow-by-blow analysis of each stage.  It will be mentioned here and there, but only for oddball reasons, or if something truly insane occurs.  I'll leave the color commentary to the pseudo-Directeurs Sportif.  You know, those folks who didn't know that pro cycling existed 5-10 years ago, but are now experts in all things Euro.  Yeah, you know they are...

Speaking of, it's after 0900...time to watch the Tour. 

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