31 July 2012

And so the adventure begins...

As if I don't have enough other BS on my plate, I've decided to tackle the new paintwork on the Salsa CX frame myself. 
Supplies for stripping and priming were purchased this morning. 

PRO-TIP : The heavy duty spray-on stripper is nothing to muck about with...!  As seen in the picture, it bubbled the paint on the frame in about 5 minutes. 
Wear gloves!  Wear a mask!  Wear longsleeves!  Don't get the vapors/overspray on your bare skin.  It burns!  Not like an "I'm on fire, WTF, am I gonna die?" burn, but just an incessant, light stinging that requires nothing short of a shower to get rid of.

I'm still on the fence about paint color.  The winning choice, as of 1:29 on Tuesday, is pearl white.  As one can see, I have taped off a large section of downtube.  It will remain the original creamsicle orange color.  I'm a firm believer in leaving a section of whatever I'm refurbishing as a nod to it's previous life.  Plus, the panel will look pretty dope when I'm done painting and lining the frame.

The new full carbon fork and FSA compressor plug have been ordered.  The 7800 that came off the Ridley will be hanging on the Las Cruces, so it should be pretty light. 

Sure, I could have bought a new frameset, but why?  Anything short of high end carbon isn't any better, and I have a bit of an attachment to this frame.  Plus, I already OWN it! 

The process will be longer than necessary, as I have parental responsibilities that I cannot shirk.  Damn kids...and the fact I'm not going to half-ass the job.  A couple coats of primer, wet-sanded, followed by a few coats of paint, all wet-sanded, will ensure both a good finish, and satisfaction of my OCD.

Happy Tuesday! 

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