06 July 2012

Poor little Tyler...

Okay.  Dude crashes a lot.  When you watch the video, click thru to Youtube and look at all of the related videos.  They are all "Farrar crashes...." from different races.
Get a CX bike man.  You'll be better for it.
And after analyzing the crash video, he took himself out.  The boy tried to push into a line, and Peter Veelers from Argos-Shimano said NOPE!  Then Petacchi slammed the door.  Sorry TyTy, but you're to blame...

Oh, and if you're gonna go after someone in their own team bus, go in hard.  Start pushing and shoving.  Get loud.  Throw a forearm shiver if necessary.  Don't go over, act mad, get man-handled by a couple of 145 pound guys, then whine like 14 year old girl who got cut from cheerleading.  Man up Buttercup!

Look...he had poo-poo face before he crossed the finish line.  Maybe Garmin-Sharp is courting new potential sponsors.  Garmin-Sharp-Kleenex?  Garmin-Sharp-Midol?  Should be Garmin-Sharp-BandAid...

 I can't decide what's going on in this shot of Jens.  Is he listening intently to the question, or is he trying to crush the reporter's head using only his mind?  Is he thinking, "You know, I could kill this guy, and no one would ever question my reasoning..."

 BREAKING NEWS : Leipheimer's TT bike stolen from the OPQS team truck.  Any info should be forwarded to : angrymidget@OPQS.com

And as a closer, I think we should all start following Heidu Klum on Twitter.  No real reason why...

Time to go pressure wash the fence.  Can't ride...knee is still stiff and sore.  May as well be productive.

Have a good Friday. 


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