28 July 2012

Vino for President 2012

 "Opulence?  I has it!"

Vino took out the Oly RR in fine fashion.  He and Uran attacked, and the group let them go.  Good win by a good racer, and all-around hardman!
And to those who are questioning his win, go jump!  I could make the argument, but I'll let Vino do it himself...

"While reading the press comments regarding my last victory in Liege-Bastogne-Liege I was deeply saddened. I don’t understand this persecution against me.

I can’t do anything against the doubts hanging over me since the 2007 case, but I reject all the accusations brought against me today, without any evidence. Since my return in August, I have always been honest with the press, I responded to all requests for interviews, I have hidden nothing.

Ironically, my victory in Liège seems to revive old jealousies for which I am not responsible. The media comments contrast with the hundreds of congratulatory messages from fans that I keep getting on my website and my Facebook page. I don’t understand this discrepancy.

As if I had to be forbidden of success on my bike to leave everyone with a clear conscience. In which sport are we allowed to be at the start of a competition without the right to win?

I love cycling, it gave me everything and I want to give it good things in return. I paid two years on suspension for the dark years of my career. If I repeated that I didn’t want to talk about it, it’s only for the sake of my sport. I don’t think cycling needs to reconsider all these dirty stories to move forward. This is my personal vision of this problem, everybody is not obliged to share it. Obviously my attitude that I consider the most correct and most respectful way possible is one more time misinterpreted. I'm sorry.

Again, I have nothing to hide. Since my come back I have been the subject of more than 30 doping tests, all negatives, including 21 in the context of the Adams [the whereabouts system]. This allows me to validate my biological passport and therefore to race. In Tenerife, where I had my recent training before the Tour of Trentino that arose the indignation of some journalists, I was subject to two unannounced blood and urine tests in two weeks. I can’t do more than what the sport regulations ask me, to prove my honesty.

Today, I only wish to be respected as I respect everyone, my colleagues in the peloton as well as the journalists. I don’t want to be the only and too easy target for all the ills of cycling."

-A. Vinokourov

He ain't wrong...

Real class shown by the British fans too.  Booing Vino after his win, and yelling "doper".  Betting they would have kept traps shut had Millar won today.  

The best part?  
Pat McQuaid looked like he passed a fucking stone.  I love it.  How's it taste Pat?  Seems by your face that it's bitter...

Oh, and I actually rode outside today.  First time in nearly month.  The knee felt pretty good, but the legs as a whole wondered what the hell was going on for the first hour.  24 days of inactivity makes the body a bit wonky.  I felt like a lab pup hitting a growth spurt.  No matter, it came back around, and felt nice to be out in the sorta fresh air.

 No info?  No problemo...!
Me and KT and become pretty close lately.  The shit works...

OK...another ride outside tomorrow...

Time to start searching for some parts to get the Salsa rebuilt (again)...

Peace and Phil Wood Grease!


Junk said...

As much as I want to be happy for Vino, the last five years in cycling has made me guarded in my celebrations for awesome feats of athleticism....Spartacus aside. I hate to say it, but until controls come back with a thumbs up I'm remaining skeptical.

MM said...

Why? He served his time, and came back. He's been tested and followed the rules. It's no different than any other cyclist who's served a ban for a doping infraction.
I'm more skeptical of the Chinese swimmers.

If you're gonna treat all cyclists who've gotten popped equally, then Merckx, Pantani, Millar, et al. will have to be treated with the same suspicion.