20 July 2012

End o' the week...

I'm pretty much over it.  Haven't ridden in two+ weeks.  Been working like a slave around here.  Moved 3 yards of gravel yesterday in just under two hours...by hand.  Rocky training.  Got up this morning and felt like the side of beef that Rocky beat the shit out of in the movie.

Gonna attempt to ride in the morning.  Something slow and easy to see how the knee feels.

 Big George ate it yesterday.  Got up and finished...dragging Cuddles to the line...#profi

 Yeah, the shirtless guy handing out musette's to GreenEdge?  Robbie McEwen.  Nice!

And Cav went from 500+ today, and showed CLEAN wheels to the bunch.  Not even close.
And speaking of Le Tour, a giant Newfoundland dog got loose and ran out today.  Several riders crashed...several didn't.  It was an accident, nothing more.  It's not like the owner deliberately sent the dog out into the road.  Sure, I'd be upset too, but Gilbert went too far.  He went after the dog, and the owner.  In the video, a little girl was cowering in fear.  Really?
I lost a little respect for ole PhilGil today.  That's a punk move, period.  Lucky the big ass dog didn't take it as a threat and eat his boney ass.  Newfies are gentle until you threaten their people...then you get 150+ pounds of black dog gnawing on you!

Go ride this weekend.


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Junk said...

There's going to be a whole ton of people missing the Gentleman when he retires after the season.