29 June 2012

Friday filler

 Say what you want about our diminutive friend from the Isle of Man, but he looks like he may have stayed away from the pies on the run up to Le Tour.  Should be fun to watch...

 Garmin picked up a new sponsor.  Looks like they'll now be called, "Team Garmin p/b Giro Helmets' Special Ed Department"
 Is it bad that I want to root for Wiggo?

And here's some Kate for your weekend.  Enjoy...

It was hot last night.  The group was big last night.  The beginning of the ride was pretty brilliant.
Cayce Police escort out to 12th St.  He blocked traffic on 2 separate occasions.  Nice to have a LEO who also rides bikes in the bunch!
Once out to Old Wire, shit went sideways.  People went straight, people turned, cars got in the mix, I got shuffled (and run off the road).  I was behind 4 cars, in a grupetto that I knew wasn't going to help on the climb, or the descent, so I sat up and watched the bunch ride away.
Most of my ride last night was a solo spin through Lexington County.  No worries...it was still a bike ride!
Good to see the faces of some old friends last night.  Still no National Champion though...one ponders...

Once #3 goes down for his nap, I need to pull the front of the Ridley apart.  It's making some unsettling clunking/crunching noises when bumps pass under the wheels.  Hopefully it's something simple, like re-building the headset and greasing everything.  If something is broken, I'm gonna be pissed.

The Tour starts tomorrow.  I'm tempted to stay home to watch, but seeing as it's gonna be 137 degrees, I'm going out and getting it done.  And the fact that NBCSN will re-play it ALL day...I can watch at my leisure.

Time to get the day started...

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