02 August 2012

Almost there...

The chemical stripper has done all it's gonna do.  Some of that Taiwanese paint just doesn't want to come off.  The rest will be forcibly removed with a wire wheel and sander.  Then to clean it well, and get it primed. 
Paint theme has changed a bit.  Some BBQ black will be introduced to the design...

Hail to the King Baby!  How long is it going to be until the Queen anoints him SIR Bradley Wiggins, Earl of Mod? 
I know a lot of people don't like Wiggo, but he's about as real as it gets.  He showed real class in waiting for Cancellara to finish before celebrating, and openly said he was going to get pissed (drunk in English) b/c he won the TT.  That's cool with me...
I also like him because he rubs so many the wrong way...especially Canadians.  God, they hate the fact that all of the attention is on Wiggo, and British Cycling, and none on them. 

And speaking of class.  Big ups to Kristin Armstrong for destroying the field in the women's TT.  She came out of retirement, at 40, and kicked everyone's ass...handily! 

And don't forget, BMX kicks off soon...be sure to watch!

Back on the bike this weekend.  Should be interesting after what has amounted to a solid month of the bike.  I am (not) looking forward to the ass-whipping that I'm going to receive.  I really want to get my new shoes sorted, but wearing new shoes on the first ride after a month off, due to a KNEE injury, is probably not wise.  Who says I haven't learned anything...?

Have a good day!

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