25 April 2012

Quick Humpy

 How many thousands of kilometers does this old Italian guy have in those legs?  Probably more than you've driven!

 Liege?  Yes.  Hail?  Yes.  Still want to be a Euro-dog?  Eh, not so much...  (pic : Ashley Gruber)

Yes, this is how I feel.  Every time I wash the Yukon, a bird will empty his/her tiny little bowels on either the windshield, or the driver's door handle.  Dirty little bastards...

Good ride last night in WeCola.  Big group, even though it was a bit breezy.  The wind was swirling, so we really never got a break from the headwind.  Only two sections of bloc headwind, but the rest were serious head/cross.
I went out with the plan NOT to make any huge efforts, and I did just that.  Stayed in the front, took my pulls, chased some gaps, and never felt stressed.  I guess the bronchitis may finally be clearing out.  Judging by the sheer volume of "stuff" I've been expelling, it's about time!

Okay, noting more to see here...please move along!

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