10 April 2012

Hoy-ly Crap!

Boonen doesn't grab a musette in the feed zone! He uses The Force!!

(speaking in third person) " Andre will sign your item, but Andre will NOT stand to do so..."
OR... ow to sign an autograph...LIKE A BOSS!

Here's where I was last weekend...

Hoy slipped through that gap like he was covered in Astroglide!

DeVlaeminck calls EVERYBODY out.

Good ride by Mini-Phinney. Great ride by Handsome George...a true hardman of the North!! He and Guesdon have knocked down 17 editions each...crazy!

And will everyone PLEASE STFU about Phinney doing so well in his FIRST Roubaix!! Last I checked, he won U23 Roubaix TWICE !!! Yeah, it's U23, but it's not like they ride around an office park, and across 50m of smooth bricks. It's still Roubaix, just a bit shorter...

And we're done...

Have a good Tuesday!

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