15 April 2012


I discovered yesterday exactly WHY I was super fit a handful of years ago. It had everything to do with the fact that I did my Palmetto Trail CX loop twice a week. 2 hours of grindy, total body riding. 'Twas big fun.
And a big thanks to whoever is now taking care of the trail out there. New sections have been routed through the recent logging activity, and the entire trail out to Wildcat has been cleared. Don't make a snap judgment though! It's still a task on 35c file tread tires...

Anyone know where I can get a fern?

Pee stop...

Upon my return to Service Course, I participated in some parenting activities before loading up and heading to Charlotte for the big $ Presby Crits. Here's the photographic proof...

It was big fun and super fast racing from both the ladies and the men. Once again, UHC showed how it was done at the end of a race. Hilton Clarke took home the W, and $12,500 for his effort.

I also learned two things that I need to spend money on.
1) An intermediate lens. the 18-55 is too small for some stuff, and the 100-300 is too big.
2) A powered auxiliary flash. The flash on the SLR is neither bright enough, nor does it recycle quickly enough.
Let the Ebay searching commence...

I had offers of spare bedrooms, but being the MENSA member that I am, I chose to come home in the wee hours. I'm tired right now...but I'm gonna go spin in a little while. My back and legs are shot from standing/walking last night.

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