01 April 2012

The Force

So after I peeled off from Il Prof's 160km loop this morning, I was content riding alone for the 50km home.
Coming down a descent, into a turn, I felt truly uneasy, almost light-headed and dizzy. Was I having a stroke? An aneurysm? What the hell man?

When I got home, I read the news that Cancellara crashed and shattered his collarbone.

My "episode" was a disturbance in The Force.

Fortunately, the Swiss can have him back by Roubaix on Easter Sunday.

I DVR'd the Ronde, and will watch the mayhem tonight. Good win for BoomBoom! Betting that there will be a shortage of Colombian Marching Powder and barely legal "models" in Belgium tonight!

Here's the finish...(natsound)

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