20 April 2012

Friday update

I twattered and Facebook-elized about this yesterday, and thought it was done, but I just read the article again, and am left no less incredulous. The NY Gran Fondo is drug testing. Really? WTF? Drug testing at a cookie ride?
Of course, my buddy Boyd brought up a good point. He reminded how racers, and wannabes alike, will put someone in the ditch for a prime. The NY Gran Fondo has some damn nice prizes, so why wouldn't certain folks douche out and hook up the T-patch for a few weeks prior?

Still, it boggles the mind. If someone needs to take WHATEVER to win an amateur race, or even a high dollar cookie ride, then they should re-assess the reasons they ride, and their life as a whole.

Another really good ride last night. Big group and plenty quick. My plan was to sit in and just roll the legs over. I stuck to the plan, except for the climb out to 302. It's funny how about 15 seconds of inattention can force one to put it in the PainCave for then next 5 minutes. I let a gap open...on the descent (dumbass! -Ed.), thinking that I would just roll right back into the bunch. Wrong answer.
The gap quickly became 250m. Knowing how the front bunch doesn't sit up at 302, I knew I had a better chance of re-attaching myself to the group on the climb than catching a group of 8 on the downhill run back to town.
Hindsight is 20/20. I got back on AT the turn, but it seemed everyone in the front was on the rivet on the climb as well, as they all slowed to a near crawl. The second group caught us, and we came in with a group of a dozen+.

News :

Andy Schleck does little to assuage the belief that he's a whinger. Maybe he should have gone with Hesjedal @ 9 km to go. Maybe he missed the move while sitting in the back, pining for his brother.

The entire BMC team wants success, indivdually, in the Giro. This means that none of them will actually find it.

Speaking of PainCave. Look at these faces...

When the faces of top level pros look this distorted, the shit hurts, period!

Sea Otter is going on...

And the fine folks at Ritte and TRP just changed the game...
Electronic shifting coupled with hydraulic braking (discs). Welcome to the future, it started yesterday!

Oh, and 5 years ago today, I became a dad for the second time. Happy Birthday #2!


Junk said...

Happy Birthday to the kidling!

Was that pain face pic from on top of the Muur?

MM said...

Yeah...top of the Mur. Watch for Gilbert @ L-B-L...

KindHuman Sports said...

Not sure Ritte had anything to do with it other than TRP putting it on one of their bikes.

MM said...

I would say Ritte had a little to do with it, since they actually had the balls to put it on the bike, unlike so many other manufacturers, or boutique shops.
Betting once it widely available, those very same boutiques will thump their chests about being the first to have it in stock.