08 December 2014

Yes, I'm ready to order...

I'll have the shit sandwich please...

That was my Friday...
The Boss took the day off, as she'd been out of town all week for work, so I decided to ride a bit.
I went to let the furry beast outside, and was met with labored breathing, and she just didn't want to get up. I carried her outside, and she went about her business.
Once back in, she laid down in her bed, and went right back to sleep.
I clicked on the laptop, and got CHKDSK three times, then the blue screen of death. It was 8am, and my day was going swimmingly.
I got on the bike, but it sucked. I couldn't quiet my mind. Dead laptop with THOUSANDS of photos on it, and my little dog was probably dying. I couldn't get my head in the game...
Back to Service Course, and Bella needed to go to the Vet. She passed quietly shortly thereafter. I was glad to be with her. I owed her that much.
She was 16-1/2. I buried her in the sunny spot she liked to lay in. The house seems a little empty...

I went out solo Saturday, head still a little cloudy, and was met with obstacles at every turn.
A stopped train at the end of 12th. Turn around. The Christmas Parade on Gervais. Turn. High School football Championships at Williams-Brice. Fight traffic.
Once clear of each issue, I got a little better on the bike. By the end, I was flying. A good ride is one that gets faster, and easier, as it goes on. It was a good ride.
The effort pushed down some of the demons. Catharsis...
Back at SC, I raked the yard...again...fucking leaves...
After I was done, I went to BestBuy. Thankfully, the Geek Squad dudes saved the pictures from my dead laptop, and transferred them to an external drive. I also did some retail therapy, and bought myself a Chromebook.
Gotta say, for 95% of human beings, a Chromebook is all one needs at home. It's light, simple, and super fast. Ease of use is off the charts. Yeah, the memory is small, but coupled with the external drive, it suddenly becomes a machine with a 500gb+ hard drive...for $250.
Sunday was sunny, yet windy. A good group showed, and rolled out together. It went sideways after that. Different turns were taken. A couple of us went one way, while others did not. I killed it to Swansea in the hopes that I'd catch the group, and we'd gather back up.
I sat in Swansea, by myself, for 15 minutes. No one showed.
The 20+ headwind was a JOY on the ride back in. Even more so, as there was nowhere to hide. I was in a fistfight for 90 minutes.
No matter. Shit happens. I got a good ride. 100km in 3:30. And considering the wind, that was killing it.
Once home, and a quick turnaround was completed, The Beast was loaded up, and Corpo went to Congaree National Park for some fresh air.
It was good. Even seeing an entire family of feral pigs was cool. It was momma pig, poppa pig, and a couple of generations of offspring. Probably 8 total. We were maybe 20 yards apart. We stood dead still and quiet. They looked and watched us too. After a few sort-of-tense moments, they moved on.
Next time, I'm taking a firearm. Park Service policy be damned. Hogs are no joke.
It was a good end to a weekend that I can take or leave.

Euro CX



The weather is looking a bit more, well...Belgian. Kind of looks that way outside here today too.
I took some good photos Saturday and Sunday, but the new machine and the camera aren't talking. Gotta get that one figured out...

Have a good Monday...

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