03 December 2014

No ridey

Not until tomorrow at least...
The Boss is out of town on business...if one considers Myrtle Beach "out of town", so I'm single-parenting until Thursday.
I'll definitely be out Thursday night...with the new 6000 lumen light. Whether it's really 6000 lumens is a matter of conjecture, but I can say that it's easily brighter than the 2000-ish lumens I've been pushing.
I figure I'll run it in tandem with the 1000 lumen spot beam. 7k should be enough...

 Why do I suddenly have the urge to buy some Giordana kit?
 Cool Nibbles graphic. Too bad his team is full of Eastern European dopers...
 I normally eschew the wearing of Euro team kits, but the new Saxo kit is pretty cool. How many local teams are stealing this design RIGHT NOW?
And I know this may not be popular with some folks, but the new Campag crank is ugly. It looks unfinished. For $1000 (not a typo!), it should appear as if some care went into it. It just looks a bit cobbled together.

Svenness 3.7
SVENNESS 3.7 from In The Crosshairs on Vimeo.

Onboard with Sven

Speaking of onboard, remember this?

Gotta jet...more point and click Christmas shopping to do...

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