08 May 2012


I know said neons were back, but Farnese Vini may be pushing the envelope here.  Of course, in the vast sea of blue, red, and white, the yellow can definitely be picked out of the bunch!

The new line of Giordana womens' bibs look nice, eh?

Okay, I've seen snakes on rides, but this is re-donk-u-lous!  Dudes must see this all the time, as they are acting like it's just a damn stick caught in the wheel.

And here's another 'back in the day' post.  If you don't know who this is w/o looking at the caption, or Google, please stop saying 'back in the day'!  This guy was/is a BALLER.  How big?  His race numbers are sublimated on his fucking WC jersey!!

Here's the finish of Stage 3 from yesterday. Ferrari should be tossed, period. Other sprinters have been removed from races for less. Guy took down the WC and the pink jersey.
And Favilli of Farnese Vini won the newest award (best bike handler/emergency move) given at the Giro... La Biancheria Intima Marrone...for his 60kmh+ bunnyhop OVER a prone/laying in the road Cavendish.
What is 'La Biancheria Intima Marrone'? you ask?  Roughly translated...Brown underwear...

Okay, gotta jet...busy day of running around on tap...

Peace and tailwinds!

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