01 May 2012

Good morning...is it still Monday?

 Proper TT form.  See...her back is nice and flat!

 This explains a lot about the successes the Spanish have enjoyed lately!

Probably the coolest picture I've seen in a while.  Just ponder it for a moment...

From the "Please, Just Stop It" file...

And yes, I deleted my mini-rant/stupidity about the ride last week as it served no purpose other than to inflame a situation that evidently only existed in my own mind.  If left up, it would only continue to do so.

I do, however, stand behind some of the things I said, while I have happily marinated and eaten some others.

I appreciate those who emailed, sent notes on Facebook, and commented on this very blog.  At least you have the stones, and think enough of me to call me out.
Those who send passive/aggressive tweets, mutter to whoever will listen, and are generally just take from the community, well...if you don't have the fortitude to do what the folks mentioned above have done, then please feel free to shut your cake hole. 

I am a big enough person to admit I was wrong, and attribute my quasi-lunatic, old-man, get-off-my-yard rantings to having a bad day, and perhaps caring a bit too much.
In retrospect, Sam H. was absolutely correct when he said that over-thinking it is bad, and that it's still just riding a 10 speed around the neighborhood! 

I think I hear the oven beeping...my crow is done.  BTW, it's quite good in a clarified butter reduction w/portobellos and basmati rice.

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