16 March 2012


Y'ever had one of those rides? Probably...

Thursday was one of those for me.

I worked in the yard all afternoon, and evidently forgot to eat or drink anything. I knew I was in trouble on the way out 12th. when it was entirely too difficult to hold 40kph. Things started to go South on the climb out. I tailed off the back, but chased back on, which completely shot me in the ass.
On Gator, I tried to go with the group. The heart said "Go", the head said "Go", the legs said, "nope, sorry homie, we're out of gas". I was done. I watched the group ride away on 302, and went into survival mode. 45 minutes to get home, and 37 minutes of energy in reserve.

I got home, before dark, but was wrecked when I hit the door. Not a full-on, where-am-I sort of bonk, but I was definitely on the far side of a simple hunger knock.

Food, drink and sleep followed soon thereafter.

Then today, instead of relaxing and re-fueling, the entire corporation loaded up and went to Patriot's Point for the day. Nothing helps crampy legs and a grouchy disposition like running around an aircraft carrier with one's children. Seeing that parenting isn't about ME, I went Rule #5, and had big fun with Junior Management.

View from the Captain's chair on the bridge of the USS Yorktown (CV-10)

The real Captain around here.

Have a good weekend!

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