09 March 2012

Last urban ride

Kristen Armstrong shows proper TT position. Yeah, that's why I posted it...

Handlebar Mustache just dropped a new shirt. At last, a candidate I can get behind!

Cancellara getting chased by a fan from decades long past, on roads laid out by the Romans. I changed it to B&W. It just looks better that way!

Yep...it was last night. Time changes this weekend and the road ride begins next Tuesday @ 6.
Anyway, the "A" group was pretty big last night. The loop got modified because the river trail was polluted with the normal fair weather walkers.
Out Old State, thru SCANA and back in.
It was punctuated by a HUGE house fire back in the neighborhood near the train yard. Scary stuff. The group rolled up before the FD got there, but it was too late to save the house. To say it was 'fully involved' would be a bit of an understatement. Flames were shooting 50-75 feet in the air, and the heat could be felt from one street over. Here's hoping the folks who lived there got out okay, because fire doesn't play reindeer games!
Once thru Cayce, I split off from the group and came home. As much as I like riding with those guys, I gotta get home by 8 to see Junior Management off to bed.

The 7900 shifters hit the door yesterday, so the Ridley will get built this afternoon/tonight. The Salsa will be getting the 7800 once I figure out what to do with the paint.

Happy Friday!


Junk said...

Good form. And here time trial position isn't bad either.

MM said...

The term 'properly constructed' does come to mind...