19 March 2012

The Downward Spiral


I knew I felt bad Saturday, but fell into some sort of flat-spin on Sunday. Racked with aches, sweating like a rented mule, ripping sinus headache that, in turn, produced waves of nausea that rivaled Teahupoo. In the past month, every member of the house has had one sickness or another. I think I got an amalgam of all of them...

No sleep at all last night. Toss...turn...sweat...breathe deeply and heavily to ward off the sick. Rarely do I tap out, but I couldn't see myself parenting today, so the Boss stayed home. My strength is gone...a nap will occur in the coming hour.

And I'm torn on these shoes. Rapha has produced some of the best looking shoes out there. Made from yak leather...yeah, I just typed that. They also employ Easton EC90SL soles. These were made in conjunction with Giro, who can do no wrong in my eyes. And the price you ask? No, they aren't $1000, nor are they over-priced just for the sake of it, like most Rapha stuff.
They're $450!! That's LESS that most high-end shoes.
I bet they feel like slippers...

Time for my nap...

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