25 March 2012

A warning...

Before you hit "play" on the embedded video, hit 'mute' on your speakers/sound...unless you like really shitty Euro-trash pop music.
I mean, I barely understand Flemish, but it's FAR preferable to the shite that's dubbed over the video.

You've been warned...

Edit : After a couple of complaints on YouTube, one of which was from yours truly, the Euro-trash pop was removed in favor of Flemish.

You're welcome!

So the sinus infection has nearly passed, but the lovely drainage that usually accompanies it has settled in my chest, giving me a nice case of bronchitis. I'm coughing like a coal miner...and it hurts. I've coughed so much, and so hard, that my abs are sore (core workout...woohoo!) and I blew some blood vessels around my right eye. The result is a slighty black eye. I just tell people that The Boss has taken to hitting me again.

No matter though. A week off the bike was making me itchy, so I went out on the resurrected Salsa yesterday for a shakedown ride. No real issues, other than the handlebar tape I put on it sucked a mile of ditch water...and the gear cable housings were about an inch too long. Both issues were little more than aesthetic and have been remedied. An hour on the bike was about all I could manage before an epic fit a coughing took over.

This morning, I rolled out with TVH and IP. Felt a bit better on the bike, but still just really hacky. They turned left to head into Calhoun, and I turned right and brought it to the house. It was a nice 90 minutes/50km.

The Boss has gone to Charleston to shop, and the Management Trainees are at the Lexington Branch Office until later today, so I believe I'm gonna take a nap.


Junk said...

That made my legs hurt. Looks like Sporza needs to double check their rider list before posting to the world. Sagan was second, they had Cav as second.

MM said...

Fucking Cav. What a whinger! Complained on Twitter that someone in front of him let a gap go on the descent of the Kemmel. Fastest sprinter on the planet and he can't close a gap on a descent?