29 June 2009


Friday- The Grandmas came to get the MTs for the weekend, so the H.O. and I decided to go bowling. About halfway through our 2nd game, the lights went out and the disco balls came on. We didn't plan on going to 'Rock and Roll' night at the bowling alley, but it kind of turned out that way. It was a damn good time. I rolled games of 105, 132 and 89 (left-handed).
Saturday- Got up and went to the lightly attended Saturday ride. BSG was going on and it was balls hot, so turnout was poor. We lost two at the water tower on Tank Hill. Coco, Mulo and I stayed together on the run out and turned left on Leesburg, headed for Congress. I took a long pull, rolled off on the next roller and promptly ran over something. I heard a click-click-click, stopped pedaling and looked down to see what I'd hit, then heard 'hhiiisssss'...FUCK! I didn't yell anything and by the time I figured out that I'd flatted, the boyz were up the road. I stopped and found a 1/2" sheet metal screw sticking out of my Open Corsa CX. The stop to change the flat was extended due to the fact I had to boot the tire. Once finished, I just turned up Elon, looped across the flats and went home.
Spackle, caulk and paint filled my afternoon...oh joy!
Saturday night we went to Rosso (average food, overpriced and REALLY bitchy hostesses!) and saw Star Trek (really good movie!).
Sunday- Slept in until almost 8...yes, that's sleeping in around here. Then we buttoned up the paintwork and installed the new Vizio LCD in kitchen. Yes, we have a flat-screen above the fridge...don't hate!

(A Mini-Rant)
WalMart sucks balls, we all know this, but their level of suck reached new heights Sunday afternoon. The H.O. and I went to WallyWorld to get the LCD TV for the kitchen because they had it in stock and their price was 15% cheaper than Target. Well, it turns out that WalSuck doesn't honor their own internet pricing!!! WTF?!?!
I can buy it online and pick it up in the store, but can't just buy it there, FOR THE INTERNET PRICE!!! I hear dumb shit everyday, but that's EASILY the dumbest shit I've heard for a long, long while! We walked out, drove to Target and paid 15% more!! F you WalSuck!!!

I'm tired from last week's riding and going full-steam all weekend! No riding until Tuesday night for me!

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