24 June 2009


601st post...time flies when you're blabbering on about inane shit!

Tuesday- Got up, did my morning stuff, took the MTs to school and got on the bike. My legs felt like utter garbage from my bonk on Sunday. The first 30 minutes of the ride were iffy, at best. I did an hour and just spun my legs around, trying to get rid of the stiffness.
As usual, the TNCWC went off. I don't know why the turnouts have been so slim lately. One can speculate, but it's still a bit befuddling. Last night we started with @ 30 and that group dwindled down pretty quickly, as there was nowhere to hide. Nothing got too far away all night. I sat in for the most part, still pretty empty inside and pushing around legs that were little more than meat sticks. @ 40 minutes, I'd had enough abuse and dropped out. The group all came together with one to go, but someone must have thrown a grenade on the backstretch. The group was shattered coming to the finish. The top 8 finished pretty much together, but the rest were spread out all over the finish straight.
PV is back in control with 4 in the top 8. Coco took out yet another sprint victory.
This morning, I really didn't feel like riding, but since both MTs are in school this week, I figured I should take advantage of the unusual opportunity. I got on the bike and felt pretty good. I didn't push, but rode 30-35 kmh with relative ease and felt better as the ride progressed.
Another double day tomorrow, including the Thursday ride should set me right. Big KM week with some stacked days including a couple of doubles...

Time for a nap...

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