21 June 2009

If it doesn't kill you...

Saturday - 95km 3 hours
Legs were definitely better than Thursday, but still in my little 'funk'. We did the Eastover loop and it was HOT, even though we left @ 7:30. I've been riding in PA for a week, where it was 65-70 and pissing rain. The jump in temps has taken it's toll. I felt okay when I got home, but still needed Five Guys to make it all better. I guess I sould have eaten more...
Sunday - 100km 3:15
We met for the Il Prof ride and did Eastover, across to the Swamp and back in. I felt pretty good for the first two hours or so. Took some long, hard pulls, toed the threshold of the pain cave on Chaingang....then, the wheels pretty much fell off the bus.
Once we got out of the Swamp, my legs decided they they were done for the day and clocked out. There was no warning, no 'hey man, we're gonna bail in 5km' moment, just an acrid burning smell that, after some scene reconstruction, turned out to be my legs. Il Prof and TVH rode away. The last 20km or so was a battle for survival. At one point, I stopped to stretch...it didn't work! Thankfully, the two strongest AARP members in town waited on me and sheparded me home!
I haven't cramped that badly in 10+ years. No bonk either!!!!
To add insult to injury, I hit a broken bottle. The tire didn't flat then, but I'm sure it is now. As long as it was holding a little bit of air, it was getting ridden home!
No ride tomorrow, but 2x on Tuesday...both M.T.s are going to school this week! Sweeet...

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