01 July 2009


Blah, blah, blah, blah...
It was hot. No one showed up. A break went away just after halfway. Reed and I bridged. He stuck, I did not. Chase group was laughable. I quit and just rolled around until the end. Toby went with @ 5 to go and stayed away. Coco won (what was left of the) field sprint.

Non sono motivato per guidare la mia bicicletta!

Going to ride tomorrow night to shake down the bike before the 4th of July ride. Saturday is 68 miles and 7600 feet of climbing...oh goody! Then I get to come home and sit around with the H.O.'s parents. Happy 4th of July to me!

And to Thomas Dekker...you're a giant fucking douchebag! Oh, how I wish Bruyneel would release Horner so he could go race the Tour for Lotto and stick it up Astana's collective ass.

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