26 September 2014

(Sad Trombone)

Well, it seems the shifter was actually dead. Not so much dead, as paralyzed. (Sad Trombone)
It shifts just fine going DOWN the cassette. Unfortunately, once it reaches a point of cable tension (the 14t cog) while trying to shift back up, the ratchet inside the shifter doesn't grab.
It shifted on the way to the ride last night, then gave up. I left it in the 16t...once I got it there, and turned off early to head home...again.
Stripped the dead soldier off the bars, and said a small prayer to the Cycling Gods.

Gone too soon...

I took the corpse up to Outspokin' this morning so they could send it back to Shimano for warranty. And yes, I know I could simply wait for the new lever, but Dog only knows how long that will take, so I bought a new one last night. Always good to have spares, right?
And while at the shop, I picked up the new "Stories 02". It's meant to be the de facto Trek catalog, but it's so much more.
Outstanding photos, enthralling stories, AND the bikes. It's brilliantly produced. In all honesty, it doesn't read like a catalog of any sort. It's more like a publication that also gives information about some bikes, and the tech behind them. The actual bike info is almost secondary.

Marketing professionals should use it as a primer on how to get their information out in printed form.
Sure, a website can give you all of the information you need, but something tangible like "Stories 02" draws you in a bit more.
Go get one. Thank me later.

 THIS is brake modulation. When you can do this, then, and only then, will I listen to you about disc brakes!
Oh Maggie Grace...(could this photo be any more right?)
And for you old schoolers....
Grace Kelly...and a REALLY cool cruiser. 

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