11 September 2014


Never Forget...


Fun ride Tuesday night. Smaller group, but still pretty quick, and generally steady.
There were a couple of incidences of dumbassery, but we've all pretty much come to expect them from certain folks.
Although I will say that fouling up the rotation of the line when one isn't even in THAT line is some next level stuff.  Yeah...sure...just jerk it left into the line that's passing you 5kph faster.  It's cool.  No one will mind.
And the guy who decided to join us at the end of the ride, even though he had NO idea of how to ride with other people...
As Big John said, it turned into a shitshow over the 26 overpass.

If you don't know what you're doing, please stay out of the dynamic.

As an aside, and a bit of a pro-tip, please bring out your blinky lights.  Darkness is falling quickly, and the long shadows create difficulty for drivers.

Not many more of these evening rides left until it's just too dark.

A couple of Cipo's bikes from Eurobike.  Interbike is happening in Vegas right now, so we'll all get to see some cool stuff very soon.

Follow Peloton Magazine on Instagram for an early peek...and just generally cool photos.

Video for the new Cipo TT bike. Only Cipo...

And profi CX has started in earnest with CrossVegas going off last night. I would have enjoyed watching it had the pro races not started after 11 Eastern time.  Some of us have to get up in the morning...
Here's the last 2 laps of the men's race.  Feel free to mute Dave Towle. (I did)

Have a good Thursday...

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