12 September 2014

What's wrong with you?

So it seems that CX is approaching the shark tank.
At Cross Vegas, several morons decided that it was cool to spray beer at the pros as the rode under the Shimano fly-over.

No, it's not cool. No it's not funny. It's disrespectful, and makes you, and American CX fans in general, look like asshole soccer hooligans.
Good natured heckling is cool...Always. Throwing beer on racers? Nope...Never.
I don't care if the racers are Euro pros, or the lowliest of category schmoes.
If I'm racing, and someone throws something at me, I'm going to get off, come through the barrier, and beat them into a puddle. Same applies to if I'm merely watching a race.
I will walk over to you, ask politely if you threw something at the racers. If the answer is in the affirmative, expect a punch in the throat.
And if you think I'm blowing hot air, try me...
As for CX Vegas, the assholes in question seem to be involved with The Radavist. It seems they had a good time, and up until LATE last night, even published pictures of themselves throwing beer on the racers. The pictures have since been taken down.
What's wrong guys? The Courage of your Convictions weaken overnight? Or did you figure out, once sober, and once you got called out on the Internet, that what you did was asshole FratBro behavior?
The worst part? People defended the behavior. Of course, it was probably the same people who Columbus things, and didn't know what CX was 5 years ago.

The Rev may have summed it up best

CX is fun. CX is cool. CX is a relaxed atmosphere. Disrespect under the auspices of "we're just having a good time" is still disrespect.

I remember going to the Athens Twilight in the mid-90s, and some FratBro decided it would be funny to start throwing things at the racers as they streaked by at 30mph. It's didn't work out so well for him after a certain well-known SC racer (who used to race for Outspokin'), punched the guy squarely in the side of the head.
After the FratBros took umbrage, and took a small beating from a bunch of dudes with shaved legs, nothing else was thrown.

Just don't do it! Sven might come after you...


Fun ride last night. Methinks the rides are petering out, as the group was pretty small.
Chasing the sun has picked the pace up as well.
It was a decent ride, except for the shite riding of the usual suspect. I'd be embarrassed if I rode in that manner, but I surmise that he's as clueless about his riding as he is about most things.
The "attack" through the red light in South Congaree was the best. Can't put a nose to the breeze, but will stomp through a red light that everyone else slowed for...

I guess I should dig the lights out, as it was DARK by the time I hit Service Course last night...@ 7:45. 

Time to get my Friday started...with a trip to Target. Oh joy...

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