06 September 2013

The short week that really wasn't...

Four day weeks are supposed to be short, right?  Then why did this week seem like it lasted 19 days?  Fu.....

Fun solo CX ride last night.  A little bit of everything...
The Boss had to do a radio interview @ 7 as her company is the title sponsor of the SC High School Football radio network, so the group ride was a no go.
She came home early so I could get in a quick ride.  She's a keeper...
I rolled out @ 4:30, and headed for the Powerstation. 
I guess that the City of Cayce, and LexCo are serious about keeping the rednecks from further destroying the road.  So much so that K-Rail was installed across the entrance of the dirt.
Easily crossed...
The road itself is actually in pretty good shape.  It's a bit of a potpourri of surfaces and textures at this point.  Loose sand, hardpack, gravel, and still a little mud.  The best/crazy thing about it is the fact that it's ALWAYS different.  This is why it's so great...

Anyway, I was on a time crunch, so a very quick out and back was all she wrote.  Once back into civilization, the fun began.  Across Cayce, and up Gervais to get home. 
And of course, some redneck bro fratboy in his daddy's Tahoe had to show just how cool he was to the rest of the bros in the truck.
Listen, I ride like cars don;t see me, and I take the whole lane when it's called for.  Don't like it?  Tough shit. 
I'm sitting at the light at the Gervais/Huger intersection, taking the entire far right lane, so I can go straight up Gervais, you know, like a CAR would do.
Bro starts honking and screaming like the entitled child his parents created.  He's trying to turn right.  Again, tough shit!
I turn, look, shake my head, and turn back around.  Hit me man, please.  See how it works out for you. 
I'll take your truck, your tuition, and your parents house.
If I would have been sitting there in my 5500 pound Yukon XL, no one would have said a damn thing.  Fortunately, in that situation, SC Vehicle Code sees the bike, and the Yukon exactly the same way.
Light turned green, and I was on my way.  About 45 seconds had passed. 
And to the Pi Kappa Phi bro in the black Tahoe with the Monster Energy decal on the back, I'm betting it's not real hard to find you.  If I see you again, we may have a short chat.

Anywho, I got in a good ride..right at 1:30, and was home in time for The Boss to go do her thing.

A few of us would like to get the Rosewood School ride going again on Saturday mornings.  0900 in the parking lot.  50-ish miles out through LR.  Steady and together.  If interested, shoot me a note.  I'm easy to find...

Gilbert's "surprise" win from yesterday...

I say "surprise" b/c the cycling cognescenti on Twitter gave ole PhilGil a hearty ration of shit for this being his only win so far this season. 
Yeah...and how many races did those morons win this year...in Grand Tours...while wearing the Arc en Ciel?  Yeah, that's what I thought...
I have a friend who is a Masters National Champ.  He said the jersey was like a target when he had to wear it.  Go in a move...get covered.  Roll to the front, get covered.  Stop to pee...you have pee partners.
I'd imagine the rainbow is sort of the same way.

Yes, Fabs IS that big.  Mig is a big guy.  I have a picture much like this one, and he's easily taller than me...at 6'1".

And speaking of the Arc en Ciel, is there a better one than this?  If you look up "style", this picture will be in the margin.

OK...time to get the ball rolling on the day.
It's supposed to be beautiful this weekend.  Go outside and play.

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