18 September 2013

All...well, mostly...for naught...

Interesting ride last night.  People just sort of rolled out whenever they felt like it.  Groups were everywhere.
We rode up thru all of them, to the front.  Those who got to the front at the end of 12th, you're welcome...
It was good to see that the "Poindexter" is still alive and well too. 
What's "The Poindexter" you ask? 
Here are the steps for a proper "Poindexter"

1) Come to an intersection.
2)Check for cars, and yell "Car left" or Car right"
3)Do NOT stop at the stop sign (if there are signs)
4)Sprint thru the intersection, leaving the majority of the group waiting for traffic to clear, and causing the drivers to mutter to themselves, "Fucking bikers..."
5)Once thru the intersection, do not wait on the remainder of the group.

Pretty simple, eh?

This was the FIRST split of the night.  The others came later, but were no less egregious. 
A few of us chased our guts out, and took some hero pulls, got within 100m of the group, but got caught at lights, refusing to "Poindexter". 
No matter, I got my work...and had an enjoyable ride.

Here's the USC kit.  This is a tentative design.  A few things will be changed, but this is the basic design.

Hit up Mr. Bristol if you'd like a kit.  The boy has minimums to meet.  His email is : BristolJL@email.sc.edu
Kits are available to anyone...unless you went to Clemson...or Newberry...

Shown here, you will see proper cornering technique.  There are other "proper" things going on as well...

Yes, as a matter of fact, it does hurt when you push RIGHT THERE!!!

Yeah, just a great photo from Starcrossed...

The new Felt AR4.  Aero.  Ultegra 11v.  $3999.  Not a horrible deal...

Sagan's bike...at Eurobike...in the Kenda booth...LEANING against the display.  Like they just couldn't figure out what to do with it...

Ok...gotta roll out....  (look HARD at this pic.  Lots of stuff going on...)

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