24 August 2012

A Few Things:

A few things:

-They ALL were on the AvGas in that era.
Lance just did it better.  He was a better athlete.  Can't make a racehorse out of a donkey.  If you could, all of those Masters douchebags who have gotten popped would have had better results.

-Lance doped...so what? If one is to follow the very letter of the Law, he shouldn't be stripped.
He played within the confines of the rules in place AT THE TIME.  Can't replay  history when it suits you.  Can't apply the rules of today to what occurred in the past.  If that were the case, a lot of us would be fucked.

-For good, and/or bad, Lance brought people into the sport.
Some stayed and brought something to the table.  Some were/are jacket wearers and either left, or have stayed on the periphery.  It was good for the cycling business too.

-Lance raised millions for cancer awareness.
Sure, articles have been written about just WHERE the money went, and that's been beaten to death, but it's hard to deny that the impact that Livestrong has had in the World of Cancer.

-The USADA broke it's own rules chasing this investigation.
Three words : Statute of limitations!  Thanks USADA for pursuing a retired athlete at all costs.  Oh, and has anyone actually seen the alleged positive tests?

-Heroes and winners in EVERY sport have doped. Merckx, Pantani, Clemens, Bonds, all of the NFL...
This point is irrefutable. 

-Sit around and say "I told you so...", but if you were a fan when LA was winning, you went crazy when he won. If you say you didn't, you're a liar.

-DO I care?
Not a bit. Lance will always be the winner of those Tours to me...and most other fans.  The field was level in his era.

-Do I love cycling less this morning?

-Do I think less of Lance?

-Do I think less of the USADA and USA Cycling?
 Yep. USADA is a joke.  How about making ball and stick athletes adhere to the same protocols as cyclists.  Oh, that's right, there would be far too many positive tests, and the ball and stick sports make too much money...

Now on to the inevitable shit show that is going to follow.  Who won those Tours?  

You can figure out the new winners thru this little infographic...
Kind of proves the point that they were all on the AvGas. 

No ride last night.  It rained, HARD.  Normally, I'll go ride in rain, but as I've said before, I have a little issue with bolts of lightning arcing from sky to ground, and possibly thru my body.

Instead, I installed the new PINK seat collar, and straightened the stem on the Salsa.  I know, I could barely contain my enthusiasm either...

Riding in the a.m.  Don't know when, nor where...I'll update later...

Happy Friday!


Junk said...

Reading Brian Holcombe's commentary on Velonews> he pretty much got it right, minus the martyr crap. LA has hopefully gotten to that part of life where truly caring about what everyone else thinks about you does not matter. My hope was he accepted that back in 2006 before all this, but then again it's called the past. I'm happy for him that he can concentrate on serving others and not his ego.

MM said...

I hope that's true. I think he has also come to grips with the fact that his legacy, to those who are TRULY fans of the sport, is secure. We all watched a bunch of dopers going at each other. He won. It was glorious to watch.
What happened yesterday/today means very little to me...