27 August 2012

Some stuff

Let's get to the really important stuff first...

Cipo was in Colorado for the USA ProChallenge.  Dude is just cool...full stop!  And congrats to VdV and Tejay for finishing 1-2...and for knocking the angry, bald midget down to the 3rd step.

Anyone else see the irony that the name of his team is "MRI Racing"?  Liquid painkiller in that cup perhaps?

I may need a moment or two to drink in all of the awesome that this bike is putting out...

A good weekend of riding around here. 

Saturday was a solid CX ride.  2.5 hours and 40 miles under the Kenda Happy Mediums.  Scouted some new dirt sections, and had a nice cruise thru campus after stomping up Gervais to end the ride.  Nothing says Fall like sorority rush.  Whoever invented the sundress should have won the Nobel Peace Prize.

After I refreshed a bit, and threw some lunch down my neck, I loaded up the Beast, and we went to a secret spot for a family ride. 

Two on the roof (it'll take more) and two on the back, plus the Burley Solo in the boot.  Euro team cars got nothing on us!  The second ride of the day ended up being 9 miles.  I was impressed and proud of the boys.  9 miles is a long way on a BMX bike...at 5 and 7 years old!  Hell, the H.O. didn't even complain!  Shocking!
And I think Duke has decided that being pulled around in the Burley fits his station in life.  

Sunday, Il Prof, TVH, Treze and I headed out into Lex and Calhoun.  Such a nice ride and a borderline perfect day.  Nearly 60 miles fell under the wheels, and we did little more than ride steady and chat.  Always stuff to see out in the country...

 Mmmmmm...BBQ...in Swansea, SC

 The road goes on forever.  Smooth, no traffic, and rolling.  Nothing to dislike here...

This sign indicates two things.  1) Selling fireworks at a gas station is dangerous business, and 2) Someone has set fireworks off within 300 ft. of the building in the past, and the outcome wasn't that great.

Hope everyone's weekend was a good as mine!  Namaste!  Enjoy the week!

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