18 June 2012

Monday...fun day? Nope...

 I have dreams that go a lot like this...  

 Sometimes, triathletes makes it entirely too easy.  I mean, WTF man?

 Hey Levi, want a Pro-Tip?  If you stop riding bullshit saddles, you won't have to adjust the tilt every ride.  Specialized Romin saddles are a gift from the ghost of the Marquis de Sade. 

"I'm doing something here.  Don't know what exactly, but judging by your reaction, it's definitely something!"  10 months old and pulled himself up last night.  Have I mentioned that he doesn't do more than a Marine belly crawl?  Why do I have the freakishly strong children?  I'm so screwed...

Great ride in NC/SC on Saturday.  Good turnout and big fun.  We left Waxhaw about 30 minutes late (seemed like being at home), because Chad had a flat on the way over to the meeting spot.  South out of Waxhaw and down into SC, across into NC, back into SC, over into NC...you see a pattern here? 
Slip took home the polka-dot jersey for KoM, and I won every sprint, except the finish (3rd), to be presented with the green.  In my defense, I was coming around when Dr. Scott pushed me to the yellow line.  Normally, I'd swing out, but the whole 'cars coming in the opposite direction' thing hindered me a bit.
It was a great 50 mile loop.  The roads, terrain, weather, and company could not have been any better. 

Post ride, we hung out at this house for the remainder of the day.  It is for sale, so if you're interested.... :)  Grilled burgers (turkey), dipped feet in the COLD pool, and generally just had some quality laughs.   Made the drive up and back completely worthwhile!

Sunday, I woke up with ZERO impetus to ride.  Instead, my physical activity consisted of yard work, including running the chainsaw, and hand splitting 1/2 cord of fresh cut hickory. 
The shorter list today would be what IS NOT sore on my body. 

Oh well, such is life...

Have a good Monday folks!


Junk said...

That's a very nice house, but my requirements for a yard are a 5'x5' square where my dog can pee and poop. I am done with mowing grass.

MM said...

When did you turn 60? I think the requirements for senior/assisting living are a ways off for you.

And mowing the grass is one of the few times I get any peace around here. Nothing like the din of the 6.5hp B&S to drown out the kid noise.