16 February 2010

An observation...

So I was out on my normal Tuesday night HoP and I ran across a gaggle of fixie hipster/scenester douchebags. And by 'ran across', I mean nearly fucking killed/got killed by them. As I crossed an intersection LEGALLY, the little group of the aforementioned DBs blew through a stop sign and almost caused a collision of epic proportions. NONE of the scenesters had front lights and I only saw one red blinky taillight to cover the entire group.
Now, I'm all for riding and enjoying yourself, but if you're out after dark, regardless of the type of bike you're on, and don't bother to put lights on your bike (which is the LAW btw!), then I don't feel bad if you get popped by a car. I'm sure the prevailing attitude of the bunch was that lights aren't CORE! After you dumbasses get cracked by some Junior Leaguer in her Lexus SUV, you can put cards in the spokes of your Quickie chair! Now that's living the lifestyle!

Not only is riding at night without lights dangerous and ILLEGAL, it makes ALL cyclists look bad in the eyes of motorists. I know that cyclists see the distinctions between our chosen paths, but drivers just see a person on a bike, acting like a jackass by running lights/signs and not adhering to both the laws of the land and common sense!

And don't think for a minute that this is just my attitude towards a particular sub-culture of cyclists, because it isn't...
I had this very same conversation with a non-cycling friend of mine the other day. He commented that 'a group if bikers' downtown blew through a light in front of him, at night, and he nearly killed them all.
I hate to say it, but he would not have been at fault for the accident!

C'mon folks, use some brainpower here. Forego that new pair of Dickies, or that 'vintage' t-shirt @ American Apparel and stop at the shop to pick up some lights! You life you save may be mine!


velocodger said...

People who blow a light or stop in front of the rest of us who got there first are not only scofflaws, they are assholes! If I run a light or a stop and nobody is around, there's no harm, no foul, even though I broke the law. But assholes who ride through in front of others(who got there first) on two wheels or four are assholes with no basic sense of decency. Maybe Darwin will remove some of these jerks from the gene pool, but I'm sure most of us would prefer they smarten up! Meanwhile all cyclists will continue to pay for these assholes' antics with anger directed at us.My message to these punks- grow up already!

MM said...

Oh, I'm not saying that I don't roll through a light or stop sign, but only if it's clear. I always stop when there are vehicles and always defer to them, even if I have the right of way.