13 February 2010

It was snowy....

Yeah, I rode this morning. @ 6" of snow in town. It wasn't too bad on the main roads...pretty much just wet and slushy. Once in the shade, like behind a big building, it was ICY!
I made the mistake of cutting down through the park on Wheat St. this morning too. I started to slide, made a pitiful effort to save it and just ate it. The deep snow in the park was fluffy! No harm, no foul.
Up through campus, down Main St. and into Finlay Park for a minute. Pretty empty this morning, but so quiet and peaceful...a bit surreal!
ack up through campus, through the 'hood and down to Owens Field. I did a few quick laps of the cross course and then decided to go home. Considering all shifting had ended, the brakes were merely a suggestion and the back wheel was dragging in the rear triangle, 90 minutes was enough!
The weather was perfect. Big bright sun, no wind and snow! Coupled that with the fact that there were no cars on the road, and it was a great ride!
I would have video, but I think the camera took a hit when I ate it and got knocked off kilter. The vid quality was great, if you like looking straight down at the snow.

Got harassed by some dickhead in an Expedition. He went out of his way to roll up beside me to tell me what I was doing was 'very dangerous'! I'm riding along, as happy as a person can be, minding my own fucking business, and this fatass rolls up next to me, in the ice and snow, to yell!
Which of the two things was more dangerous? How shitty is that guy's life if he felt the need to do that? I guess I was holding him up on his way to get to Hardee's for his sausage biscuit.
Funny part? I saw him again about 4 minutes later waiting on a light...it took me the same amount of time to get there...putz!

Enjoy the snow people! Peace!

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