05 February 2010


It's a LOVELY day today. Glad it's a rest day...39 degrees, steady rain and dark does not motivate one to ride outside!
I got my ride on last night instead of this morning. Though I thoroughly enjoy riding alone at night, I can say with some degree of certainty that I'm growing a bit weary of it. C'mon daylight savings time!
Anyway, I felt quite poorly all day, and wasn't really too excited about going out, but I HTFU and went anyway. After @ 20 minutes, I started to feel better. That was quickly tempered as I dropped down onto the service road by the river. I forgot that it had rained a couple of days ago...let's just say the road was 'juicy'. Being wet is one thing, and being cold is one thing. Being wet AND cold really sucks ass! Again, I channeled my inner MDro and soldiered on.
A nice loop through West Columbia, back through the Vista and campus and then home, for a nice 95 minutes on the cross bike.
Two things really added the frosting to the cake though...
The first was as I was sitting at the light on North Main, getting ready to cross Elmwood. As usual, I'm sitting in traffic, claiming my 'de jure' part of the lane, when I hear an engine revving wildly and the screech of brakes. I turn to look and it's a new Toyota Camry. Great...I'll be a Toyota statistic and I wasn't even driving one!
The second topper was coming home and being locked out of the house. Sweaty, cold, wet, muddy, and in the dark...freaking super. Fortunately, my formative years included doing some things I'm not proud of, so I learned to make entrance into places where one is not, necessarily, supposed to be. Not proud of it, just the way it is...
My ingress was met by a snarling, 19 pound Jack Russell. Nice to know she's paying attention!
Ride tomorrow morning. 9 @ the gate.
Sunday...don't know. It's supposed to be cold, so it may be a day to get in the woods...

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