10 February 2010

Those white lines are SLICK!

So last night, after consulting the radar all afternoon, I headed out for an extended night ride. It was rather pleasant for the first 45 minutes of my ride, so I turned the direction that was the complete opposite of home, to make the ride longer. As it usually happens, I was nearly to my turnaround point when the skies began to cry.
At first, the light drizzle wasn't bothersome, nor was it cold. After I was good and wet, it was time to navigate USC's campus, which involves slowing down and paying close attention to make sure that Mandy Pepperidge didn't crush me beneath the wheels of the Land Rover that daddy bought her. This, of course, made me feel the cold, cold rain, to the point where I was ready to get home.
Once I'd run the gauntlet safely, the pace picked back up. In my haste to get through the 'hood, and back to the house, I took a corner a bit too fast, hit the raised white line lines of a crosswalk, and executed what could only be described as a perfect 180 degree skid/2 wheel drift. No crash, thankfully! I think the sheer vacuum of my sphincter slamming shut kept me upright. Those bitches are slick and WILL force you to change lines!
From that point, I rode gingerly, as every intersection in Shandon is polluted with those lovely, 18" wide crosswalk lines.
Home with a nice, wet, and chilly 1:45 on the bike. The upside was the wet roads, as they cleaned about 1/3 of the accumulated crap off the Salsa.
I got up to go out this morning and was hit by a 30+ mph wind gust. I quickly turned and took it right back in the house. 45 minutes of core, kettlebell and foam roller later, I was fine!

And to my homies up North...stay inside and be safe. That crazy weather is nothing to play with!

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