03 February 2010

A rant...

You know, I feel sorry for some people. I'm sorry that they are ignorant dumbfucks that didn't study hard enough in school, or they knocked up their trailer park girlfriend and had to go to work doing manual labor. That's NOT MY PROBLEM though!!!
I got run off the road this morning by an asshole driver from Shuman-Owens building supply...down into the ditch! I didn't go down, but it wasn't a pleasant feeling. Of course, there was no number on the truck to remember. Instead, I flew home, cutting my ride short, took a shower and headed down to their facility on Shop Rd.
The vocalization of my displeasure started with the dispatcher, as he is responsible for his asshole drivers. Upon hearing that our conversation was becoming heated, the manager decided to weigh in with his opinion, stating that the drivers are very busy and in a rush a lot of the time. To which I responded that he'd be a whole lot later for his drop if he runs over a guy on a bike.
The discourse went back and forth for a few minutes and my head started to get hot, which is very bad.
The manager actually said that I should have been riding on another road so I wasn't impeding traffic..seriously, he said that shit! I gave him a short education in SC Vehicle Law. Assmonkey!
I soon realized that arguing with these two room temperature IQ jerkoffs was akin to shouting into a hole in the ground, and just turned to walk out.
As I reached the door, the dispatcher muttled something that sounded remarkably like 'mucking passcole'...
The hot came right back. I was in his fat, little, redneck face QUICK, asking him to repeat what he'd just said. Of course, he didn't have the stones! Pussy! I offered to go outside to discuss it further with him AND the manager. Funny how neither had a damn thing to say when I offered to beat their asses as proxy for their driver...
The whole place got REAL quiet too. I made my point!

I'm thinking a Glock 33 may get added to the flat kit!

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