30 August 2009

A waste of a beautiful day

I'll keep this short...
State RR...
Felt really good...rode near front easily, even on the 'climbs'. In @ 20th when the group yelled aand split on a 60+ kph descent. I saw the paint on the road, but hit the GIANT FUCKING HOLE anyway. Thankfully, I didn't have the same experience as the guys in the 50+ masters field. They hit the hole and half the field crashed, sending about 10 guys to the ER with injuries. I kept it upright and thought everything was okay until we got to the 1k sign. I stood to climb and wondered why the front of the bike felt so soft. Nothing broken, other than my spirit...just a pinch flat. No wheels in the truck, so my day was done. $30 for 12.5 miles. My C/B ratio was for shit!
1/2 of the team kicked ass and took names. Bond defended as State RR champ. JayC was 2nd in his race. BGK and RW both finished very well in the 40+ as well. The rest of us, well...let sleeping dogs lie. On another note, our favorite Scot, Tom C. got pipped at the line to finish 2nd in the 50+. Good show mate!
Came home, packed for the beach, and went to Doog"s for dude's night dinner and some Pineapple Express. That's a funny movie!
Time to get going to the beach for vacay with the family. Same shit, different location!

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