02 September 2009

1/2 way point

Well, we're at the halfway point of the the old family vacay...
I've had some very good meals, eaten too much and generally feel like bloated hog, ready for the spit. Operation "De-fat my Entire Being" begins Sunday! After vacation, of course...!
I did ride on Monday and Tuesday though, and plan to ride tomorrow and Friday. I did 2 hard hours on the cross bike Tuesday and felt pretty good. I tried to get some video, but had the camera aimed too low and got nothing but trail. I'll re-adjust tomorrow and post something up.

The weather has been iffy, but no matter. I didn't come down here to lay on the beach...well, yeah I did DAMMIT! The MTs don't mind though. They just run around like headless chickens, regardless of the temps.
We've chartered a boat and are going on a little 'tour' on Friday. We'll see how the boys enjoy a boat ride up through the Sound.

As an aside, if you are in Charleston, seek out 'Fiery Ron's Home Team BBQ' in West Ashley. It's easy to find and has the best St. Louis style BBQ, well, east of St. Louis. Much like Jules in Pulp Fiction, I normally don't dig on the swine, but I made an exception for these ribs. HOLY SHIT, but they were good! Just do it, and thank me later!

2 hours on the Salsa in the morning...

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