03 August 2009

Back on the horse

Well, my 'issue' has been resolved, but I'm still a tad under the weather. As most who ride would do, I got on the bike anyway. After 8 days off, Saturday's ride was a bit rough for the first hour or so. Even though we were going SLOOOOW, the legs felt barely attached to the rest of my body. The fact that it was like riding through a wet washcloth didn't exactly help. If you look up 'humid' in the dictionary, it says, see 31 July 2009.
Coco, Meat and I did right at 2.5 hours at little more than talking pace, but it was really all I wanted. I DID get to expel a lot of 'stuff' that has been lingering in my sinuses and I felt better for the ride.
Sunday, Il Prof's ride had a larger than usual turnout, which was great. Once we got to the end of Double Elon, the majority of the bunch decided to turn and cut off a bit of the ride. FK, Rich and Doog took off on Airbase, while Chris and I spun and talked.
It was another cloudy, humid day, but better than Saturday. I felt better too. The legs are still there, I just need to get rid of the goo that's hanging around in my chest.

#2's 4th birthday was yesterday. He had a party at The Little Gym. That place is genius! A big open room with a padded floor, tumbling mats and big crash pads....a 4 year old's dream scenario. AND, the employees take care of everything. No setting up, no keeping kids entertained, no cleanup...worth every penny!!! Of course, he made out like a bandit in the gift department. Then we went to dinner with the fam @ Rockaway's. It was a long day, to say the least. I was so tired, I couldn't go to sleep and once I did, I was wide awake @ 5 a.m.!! Naps will be had by all today!

See you guys @ the TNCWC!

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