19 August 2009

Busy days

Monday was nutty...contactors, errands, general BS that takes all day...
Tuesday morning...same deal. Contractors, furniture breakdown and moving to make room for the new furniture...creating a grouchy back and some tired legs!
Then the TNCWC...
There was actually a decent turnout last night, yet it didn't seem that motivation levels were high for anyone. The race ebbed and flowed until a break of 3 got away. The chase would start, then stop, then start, then stop. All the while, the break was riding a steady pace and staying out by a full straight. The was enough horsepower to chase it down, but no one really wanted to do the work, I know I had zero interest in doing a whole lot of work. Oh, and one of the juniors needs to really work on some handling skills. He nearly took Meat out in turn two and about 10 minutes later, he missed turn four completely and nailed his brakes in the middle of the bunch.
Derek ended up taking the sprint from Jamie and Gordon. Ladd won the field sprint for 4th. Kenny, you really don't need a 54 chainring...or an 11!
Tomorrow is a double day, rain or shine. Then a spin on Friday morning. A shorter ride Saturday (likely in the rain) and then ride Sunday...nice little 5 ride/4 day stack.

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Sam said...

Damn BGK! Call'n you out baller!