04 August 2009


Is it hot enough for you? Yes, actually, thank you! There's nothing quite like lazing about in a 75 degree house all day, only to get dressed to go out and race in 95 degree heat. The body (mine at least) does not like this violent change in temperature and effort. I think I need to go outside during the day and get my blood moving.
Anyway, the race went off as usual, and as has been the M.O. for the past few months, the turnout was pretty low. I couldn't really tell if it was fast, slow, or somewhere in between, as I've been sick and off the bike. It felt fast to me, but I still have goo in my chest, so breathing was fun, fun, fun. The legs were good, but the lungs were suspect.
The race itself stayed together for the most part. Attacks never got anywhere and the race ended in a bunch (what was left of it) sprint. Coco took it pretty easily for yet another PV win.

8 days off the bike and a sinus infection have definitely affected what little bit of fitness I had before I fell ill. If the old 3/1 rule is correct, I have about 3 weeks of work to do to get back to where I was, which was mediocre anyway. Kinda like clawing my way back to the middle!

I really need to track down some buckle for my shoes as well. It's not an entirely pleasant feeling to have the buckle come undone when making an effort @ 45kmh. Let the scouring of the internet begin.

And Operation Two Wheeler begins tomorrow for #1. He got a 'pedal bike' for his birthday, so it's time to break the bad boy out!

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