23 August 2009

And we're done...

5 rides/4 days...6 rides for the week.
Doog and I met for a little trip through the woods yesterday. The trail isn't in altogether bad shape. A bit viney and overgrown in places, but not horrible. There are a few trees down that need to be introduced to the old Poulan...though they did make nice barriers to practice dismount/remount on the cross bike. I had to make a few stops to adjust a complaining rear derailleur, remove a large stick and to put my back wheel back into the bike. Yep, the QR got knocked open at some point and the rear wheel parted company with the dropouts. Let's just say, when this happens, the stop isn't a gradual one. I got out of my pedals, but barely!
We went out around Weston Lake, up Old Leesburg and back into the trail.
2.5 hours on the cross bike made me realize that staying on the road bike all summer makes you soft. My knees hurt, my hands hurt and my back is very upset with me!
This morning, we rolled out into Lexington County for a little tempo work to end my block. The ride out was less than enjoyable. Once we got to Gaston, things started to get better. Doog starting pulling hard, forcing me to work to stay on his wheel. I started to open up aand by the time we got onto Hwy6 for the run back into town, I felt pretty good. I guess sometimes you just have to suffer and push through bad patches...
Another 2.5 hours on the bike...I'm done...tomorrow is an off day!
Next week---TNCWC...a couple of spins...State RR and then Edisto for vacation....this time next week I'll be sitting on the beach!

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