26 August 2009


The group was smaller last night, but it didn't stop the race from being fun and action-packed. RW took off on lap two and was brought back a couple of short laps later. Break went and came back, but the break that stuck was a kind of odd one. It was brought back on a few separate occasions, only to re-form with new blood each time. No, it wasn't a new break, or a counter move, but the same break with a couple of guys getting in and a couple getting out every time.

(Relative) fitness is a funny thing. I felt pretty crappy all day and my legs were crampy when I left the house. Once rolling, I neither felt bad, nor great all night, yet I had little trouble chasing gaps, taking pulls and generally riding hard. I guess last week was actually good for me.
Anyway, I made the mistake of telling Meat to go with a little move right at the start/finish at the bell lap. It was waaay too early to start a proper leadout for Coco. In turn three, the Harrell's guys came blowing by and I saw that Coco was 5th wheel. Once their line went by, I jumped on the back and watched the sprint unfold. Dr. LP started it EARLY and the rest of the bunch queued up. @ 150, the group fanned out, pushing Coco into the gutter. No matter, he still took it out with relative ease.
PV put 5 in the top ten, including yours truly, who sat up @ 200 to go and still rolled across no-handed for 10th. Well, 9th if you take into consideration the fact that Freight Train missed the first 15 minutes!
Don't know why, but the 55 minutes seemed to go by quickly last night and it seemed fun, even though I didn't feel great and and a little unmotivated at this point.

3 days until vacation...

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