08 July 2009


The TNCWC went off last night and was brutal from the gun. Der Kaiser took off and shattered the field on the first lap. There was no backing off the gas for the first 30 minutes. Break...chase...break...chase...shower...rinse...repeat!
The last 25 minutes weren't much different than the first 30. The line was long and thin.
It came down to a field sprint and Coco showed clean wheels to the group for the win. Doogie was 4th and Bond 6th. Another good night for PV!
On the other hand, I wasn't ready for the pace. I felt like shit and didn't bother to warmup. Pay retail? Yes, please! After 30 minutes at vomit threshold, I sat up and spun around. I think the weekend caught up with me. A lot of miles and not a lot of sleep does not make one ride effectively, to say the least!
I think I'm going to take a couple of days off the bike. Motivation is returning, but I'm just plain tired.

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