24 July 2009

Another double day

So Doog shamed me into riding yesterday morning. We did a short (90 minute) cruise through LR and I got home in time to watch the end of the TT. No more than 5 minutes passed after Contador finished and Bond calls me. No hello, no greeting of any kind. He simply says, "I'm calling bullshit..."! I have to say that I agree fully. Contador put the screw down on Cancellara in a flat TT? Really?
I hope the UCI dope testers didn't spill of Contador's piss on themselves, because I'm confident it would burn flesh.
That dude has found whatever new dope is out there, and he's ON IT!!

The Thursday ride went off as usual and it was a really good ride, except for a normal bullshit of people who can't just pull through and over. Hanging people out isn't cool, ever! I don't know what gets into certain little brains. There are guys in the bunch that I'll accept attacks from, but a certain few, who cannot even fathom ever getting clear of the group need to reign it in. In their cases, they deserve to be chased down.

I can say, with a large degree of certainty, that I was outta gas when I got home last night. 110km and 3:45 ride time for the day makes a brother tired. That doesn't equate to a high avg. speed, but one easy ride and a second hard ride make the tank run dry! I have felt pretty mealy all day today as well! I guess it's good for me...

We're riding @ 8 in the morning from the gate.

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